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How to load | What is Stored Value Cards | MRT LRT Stored Value Cards | Route Destination of MRT-3 | Schedule of MRT Stations

Tired of waiting and falling, literally, in the line just to buy your precious ‘Single Journey Ticket’ for MRT in Philippines?

Here’s a faster way to get into Manila LRT/MRT Stations!

Do you know the Stored Value Cards? If not, your on the right page!

Stored Value Cards are available in MRT/LRT Stations in the Philippines. It is available in P100. To buy Stored value Card, just say this to the cashier..

“Pabili po ng Value Card, yung 100 pesos!”  :))

This will LESSEN your waiting time in falling in line just to buy your single journey ticket. And the best part of this is that you will save some peso/s in using this! Wanna know why? Well, are you wondering..

“What if I am traveling from Taft Avenue to Ortigas Avenue everyday and I have P100 in my Value Card?”

Easy! You can have 9 rides from Taft Avenue to Ortigas Avenue. Let’s compute..

8 rides * P12 = P96
P100-P96 = P4

You can use the remaining P4 for another ride (in ANY destination)

You saved 8php when you will ride from Taft Avenue to Ortigas Avenue!

Wise and easy, right?
But beside of this easy and wise buying of ticket, you will still experience the crowd especially during rush hours.

Route of MRT-3 | Destinations of MRT-3
FYI, MRT Stations Manila (MRT-3) travel from the following locations:

MRT-3 Route Map

MRT-3 Manila Map

1. Taft Avenue
2. Magallanes
3. Ayala
4. Buendia
5. Guadalupe
6. Boni
7. Shaw Boulevard
8. Ortigas
9. Santolan
10. Araneta Center-Cubao
11. Kamuning
12. Quezon Avenue
13. North Avenue



What is/are the schedule of MRT Stations?

FYI, Operating Schedule: 

“MRT-3 operates from 5:30 AM until 10:00 PM all days a week. It is closed for annual maintenance every Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday. At the discretion of its operators, it is also closed during All Saints Day (November 1).”

This is for everyone who don’t know how to ride MRT 3 Philippines.
What is Stored Value Cards | MRT LRT Stored Value Cards | Route Destination of MRT-3 | Schedule of MRT Stations | MRT Stations Manila | MRT Metro Manila


  1. Jhuuuuuuuun

    Pabili po ng Value Card, yung 100 pesos!” Goodjob thanks :)

    • jes

      Just what i need thank u.. very helpful

  2. Erwin Salaver

    I just experience this store value card problem this month only December of 2013 and I hope some netizen could comment also if you experience this? I am long time rider of MRT from North to Ayala and always bought a stored value. This month alone where some of boot are having trouble or maintenance of some sort (your surely notice this everytime) I got erratic fare value of Php13 or Php29 deduction on my card. This is unusual considering I only used these cards from the same route back and fort all the time (this is my daily office work commute routine M-F). And so the thing is what’s going on? Is it my card or there is problem really on the MRT boot? Thank you for your reading.

    • Hello Erwin,
      Thank you for sharing your experience.
      So far, I haven’t experience that kind of problem with the deduction of fare on my ticket.
      But I have experienced the error upon inserting the ticket to the machine. It wasn’t accepted and I wasn’t also able to go out the station so I did go to the cashier to check if it was already deducted on my card. In that incident, the cashier will advice me to go out using the emergency gate instead of swiping my card again because the fare was already deducted.
      I think that incident was almost the same with yours.
      I don’t know. But if that happens to you most of the time, try to ask the security guards or the cashier for an advise.
      Again, thank you! :)

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